How Does Inferno Compare With Other ‘A’ Level Programs ?

The Inferno teams are run much like other ‘A’ programs. In accordance with other programs, the Inferno teams are formed during the normal window other ‘A’ teams are formed (in the late Fall). Anyone can try out for Inferno teams.

In our first season, the Quakes ‘A’ level teams were very competitive against other ‘A’ programs. The best measure of this was the 14A Middle School team finishing 13th out of over 100 teams in the Triple Crown World series.

We believe ‘A’ Ball is not something that most players need prior to 14U, which is why there are no Inferno 12U or 10U teams. As a true ‘not for profit’ organization, fees are lower than stand-alone ‘A’ Ball programs. Inferno also believes in balance between softball and other activities. Although the ‘A’ program demands a higher level of commitment than ‘B’ or ‘C’ All-Star programs, we are more willing than most organizations to support multi-sport athletes. In the long run we believe this leads to happier, healthier, and better softball players.

Player Pre-Registration

All players interested in attending an Inferno tryout event are asked to complete a short online player pre-registration. You will find a link to the online form on our home page for any upcoming tryout events. Please complete the form prior to attending the tryout. The process should take less than five minutes to complete and helps our program organize and streamline the tryout events and team formation process.

Coaching and Facilities

Top caliber coaching and player development training are the foundation pieces on which Inferno was constructed. Our coaches and players will enjoy an array of fields, training facilities, and other resources that have been secured for their use, including several area high schools with lighted fields, indoor cages, etc. We are a league catering to the South Bay Area and our practice and training facilities will all be within a short drive, reducing the burden on families and players. These resources coupled with a motivated contingent of other volunteers that will provide management and logistics support, the program is well positioned to succeed and thrive, offering all our players and families a softball experience that is second to none.

Recruiting Process Support and Education

Inferno has engaged with and will leverage the talents of many local resources; people with experience that can provide invaluable education and training on best practices for recruiting success throughout the multi-stage, multi-year recruiting cycle. Our program will deliver workshops on the recruiting process using real work examples and recent case studies of local players that have recently completed these steps and realized their goals to play in college. More details will be provided after initial team formation to customize a path for each player and develop a checklist of actions required and activities for each family going forward.