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Program Genesis

Building on the tremendous legacy of strong player development, on-field achievement, and academic excellence working with young female athletes, the leadership teams of four South Bay Area fastpitch softball programs in Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, West San Jose, Saratoga, and Sunnyvale joined together to launch Quakes Fastpitch. Our dynamic softball program was created to optimize player performance and to maintain the ideal life balance that assures continued academic and athletic achievement through middle school and high school. Our mission is to prepare skilled young women for leadership roles, leveraging the skills and work ethic gained on the field for a lifetime of success.

What is Quakes?

Quakes is a 14U/16U/18U collaborative effort between Los Gatos-Cupertino-Saratoga Girls Softball (LGCS) and Sunnyvale Girls Softball (SGSL). The purpose is to meet the challenges of the 14U and older divisions by combining our resources, which creates a level of participation that ensures girls from the South Bay Area will have a pathway to 14U and above softball. In addition, by having greater numbers we will be able to offer multiple levels of play so that a team exists for every player’s skills and desires (Rec, "C", "B", and "A").

Does Quakes Have an A-Ball Program?

Yes, Quakes is a multi-level program. By having a large number of players, we are able to offer teams at all levels of play, including "A" programs. We have teams that compete regularly in PGF, Alliance, NSA, USA Softball, and at the Rec level.

How Are the Recreation Level Regular Season Teams Formed?

Like all Rec programs, we try to make sure that every player is placed on a team. The players will go through initial evaluations in December. We believe that experienced pitching and coaching are necessary for the enjoyment of all players. We strive to put as many teams on the field as we have players and coaching to support.

Does Quakes Have All-Star ('B' and 'C') Summer Tournament Teams?

All-Star teams will be formed in accordance with USA Softball rules, similar to how member leagues have formed their own All-Star teams. Tryouts are typically conducted on the last weekend of April. We will form as many viable summer teams as we have players, coaches, catchers, and pitchers for.

Are There Quakes Teams Beyond 14U?

Yes. This is yet another benefit offered by being part of the Quakes program that most individual leagues have not had the ability to offer. We regularly have teams participating at the 16U and 18U levels.